Monthly Membership

$14.99 / month

Each month, you will receive a virtual package sent to your email inbox so that you can cook up your own tasty, Ketofied meals. These recipes will help you regain your energy with a bonus outcome of possibly shedding some pounds. This is an ideal way to test if the Ketofied lifestyle is right for you.


What's Included

  • Ten recipes related to a featured cuisine of the month:

3 dinner
2 lunch
2 breakfast
1 snack
1 dessert
1 weekend feast


  • Shopping lists
  • Meal planning
  • Information about ingredients and nutrition on a keto scale for real fat burning analysis
  • In-depth newsletter clarifying the latest nutrition information and misinformation
  • Portion and proportion control (individual serving sizes)
  • Tips and tricks to lead to a more Ketofied life


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