Bio-Optimization Program

$5,000.00 / month

This month-to-month subscription program is designed for CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Athletes who are ready to taken control of their inner and outer health to maximize their achievements. With your membership, you will receive one-on-one coaching with me to improve mental clarity, energy, and performance through the use of optimized nutrition and biohacking. I will also utilize various tools to track your health in order to specifically address your individual needs and end goals. Furthermore, this constant analysis will function as a preventative measure to keep you at the top of your game. Take a closer look at what is included in the “Plan Details” tab below.

Contact me today to create a personalized plan. In order to ensure an appropriate working relationship all customer purchase orders are subject to acceptance. 



Plan Details

  • Monthly subscription-based program
  • Initial Comprehensive Intake – detailed questionnaire evaluating past medical history, medications, food intake, and lab measurements, DEXA evaluation (examining the different types of fat percentage in the body), and discussion about your goals
  • Health Data Tracking  – utilizing Heads Up Health, I will track your goals and make personal adjustments to your program
  • Concierge Medicine – weekly interactions with me to focus on preventative care include:
    • An email highlighting the theme of the week (fat metabolism, good vs bad carbs, cholesterol, etc) to educate you even after you finish the program to continue the Keto lifestyle
    • A video message to stay on track and expand on that week’s theme
    • A one-on-one, 60-minute weekly video consultation to discuss the weekly theme, and review your vitals and progress against your initial goals
    • Email/text/phone access to address your questions and/or concerns
  • Introduction to utilizing Biohacking to optimize performance
  • Initial cleanse based on objective data to jumpstart the healing process
  • 2 Months of Meal Plans – daily meal plans designed specifically for you based on personal preferences and objective data
  • Guidelines highlighting how to maintain your nutrition while eating out, engaging in business meetings or parties, and more
  • Monthly KetoHack Box – gift box with ketogenic and biohacking treats delivered monthly to maximize the benefit of the program


  • A doctor-patient relationship working towards a common goal
  • A deep understanding of bio-physiology and how to formulate a long-lasting, achievable plan for optimal health and endurance
  • A renewed sense of energy and mental focus
  • Real, sustained fat loss
  • Knowledge of how to obtain control over food
  • Metabolic stabilization of hormone levels
  • Stabilization of glucose, insulin levels
  • Heart Rate Variability evaluation
  • Understanding and guidance of biohacking technique implementation
  • Personalized program designed around your current work/home life

Possible Side Effects

Initially, it is reasonable to expect a shock to the system whenever implementing a lifestyle and nutritional change. Once this transition is over, the side effects are quite minimal.

  • Initial hunger pangs as your body is detoxing
  • Headaches for the first several days
  • Slight nausea from detox
  • Fatigue
  • Bonking
  • Keto Flu
  • Some irritability