Plans & Pricing

I’m pleased to offer a variety of programs based on your desired needs. The Keto Doctor Program has been refined from intensive work with clients to highlight and address the major pitfalls most people have with actively losing weight and keeping it off. Specifically designed for those who are interested in making a lifestyle change the Keto Doctor Program will teach you how to use nutrition to maximize your health and well being. For those who are interested in going to a deeper cellular level, the Group and Premium membership offer a individualized program designed by a physician to optimize human performance.

Quick + Clean Cleanse

  • 7-Day Cleanse
  • No Juicing or Starvation
  • Jumpstart Your Journey

Keto Doctor Program

  • Ketogenic Lifestyle Plan
  • Daily Meal Plans
  • Weekly Educational Videos
  • Support Forum Access

Group Membership

Email for Inquiries
  • 5 Person Group Setting
  • Meal Plans
  • Monthly Video Sessions
  • Monthly Informational Emails
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Premium Membership

Email for Inquiries
  • Personalized doctor mentoring
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Biohacking
  • Exercise performance modification
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the truth in numbers
  • Adults in the U.S. considered overweight 70%
  • Children in the U.S. considered overweight 33%
  • People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) globally 25%
  • Americans estimated to be living with undiagnosed heart disease 10%
  • Americans diagnosed with heart disease 8%
  • Americans diagnosed with Diabetes 9%

Due to a Western lifestyle here are the hard facts

“I have a master’s degree in nutritional science; and degrees in acupuncture, massage therapy and holistic medicine…I thought I knew it all (generally I’m against traditional physicians) but I love what Dr. Limansky is doing, which is combining care and cure!” Sarah

Age 31

“This is the first time I’ve trusted a doctor. Every year for the past 8 years living in NYC, I get sick multiple times per year, but in 8 months being a part of this program, I have yet to be sick.” Andrew

Age 29

“Halfway through Phase 2, my blood work shows a huge downward shift in my triglyceride, blood pressure and My ApoB to ApoA ratio (I did not know its importance before meeting Dr. Limansky) and I’m definitely burning fat.” Jesse

Age 31

“A group of us signed up to work with Dr. Limansky to not just look good but to take care of ourselves, starting from the inside…It’s liberating to eat intuitively and not to let food control my life.” Chelsea

Age 23